2012 Game Schedule
Team Rosters
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The Coaches, Staff and Players


Tom Williams
Varsity Coach

Michelle Brown
JV Coach
Asst. Varsity Coach

Mandi Lumbley
Freshman Coach
Asst. Varsity Coach

Celina Lindsly
8th Grade Coach

Sydney Williams
Team Manager

Ty Edwards
Team Manager

JV/Varsity Rosters

Heath, Katie Senior                   No. 5                OH
Kirshner, Emily Senior              No. 17                S
Koster, Natalie Senior               No. 16              OH
Reynolds, Kelsey Senior          No. 15      MB/OPP
Farr, Emma Junior                   No. 23                 S
Fouts, Ashley Junior                No. 27              MB
Grisham, Sarah Junior              No. 5        OPP/MB
Kibler, Megan Junior                 No. 10          Libero
Mihm, Cassie Junior                 No. 28         S/OPP
Polk, Sammy Junior                 No. 26              OH
Young, Briana Junior                No. 2      S/DS/OPP
Brown, Caroline Soph               No. 8       DS/Libero
Courtney, Roni Soph                No. 3         MB/OPP
Kent, Madi Soph                      No. 6                MB
Koster, Blair Soph                    No. 25              MB
Nordic, Shanaye Soph              No. 9                OH
Williams, Kayna Soph              No. 29              MB 

Freshman Roster

Acosta, Yazmin Freshman        No. 20           OPP
Brurud, Mallory Freshman         No. 5              MB
Burkett, Kendra Freshman        No. 10        S/OPP
Cone, Emma Freshman            No. 15           OPP
Cordle, Olivia Freshman            No. 3              MB
Gormley, Anna Freshman         No. 27          OH/S
Lajara, Lucy Freshman             No. 16           OPP
Linzy, Hailey Freshman            No. 14        S/OPP
Robbins, Ashlynn Freshman     No. 26             OH
Sauer, Claire Freshman            No. 17         Libero
Webster, Hayley Freshman       No. 11     OH/OPP